Past Events


Breakfast Meetings:

January 31st | Robin Bienfaît (Blackberry)

May 1st | Jorge L. Fernandez (Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce)

June 19th | David Allman (Atlanta Real Estate Skyline)

September 9th | John Yates & Tino Mantella (Technology)

October 23rd | Aerotropolis

Lunch & Learn:

March 4th | Social visualization

October 30rd |Taxes


October 23rd | Employee Engagement

Business Women’s Event:

March 26th | Personal Branding

October 28th | Women in Science



Breakfast Meetings: 

February 14th | David Green & Ryan Gravel (Urban Design)

March 21st | Western Union Business Solutions

May 16th | “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

August 29th | Cyber Fraude

October 31st| Marketing (Georgia Pacific)

December 17th | Ed Bastian (President Delta Airlines)

Lunch & Learn:

January 24th | How to maximize the use of LinkedIn?

April 17th | YER Recruitment

September 12th | Obama Care


May 7th | Morning session @Google

Business Women’s Event:

March 7th | Getting Social!

August 8th | Generational Languages in the workforce

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Denise Koopal