May Member Spotlight – Neele-Vat Logistics

What is your business industry category or specialty?

We are a full-services logistics service provider in Europe. We offer services by air and ocean, we have multiple warehouses, an in-house customs department and a distribution network which covers all countries in Europe. In combination with we these services we can offer fiscal representation to our US customers, which gives them a European identity and a stronger position to compete with their EU competitors.

How do you describe your job to people outside the industry?

My job as sales manager is to manage and support the existing customers and find new business. What do I sell? Well a picture says a thousand words. Can you imagine what a short movie (1:40 min.) does? Link to video

Who are your main competitors and what differentiates you from the competition? What makes you unique?

Due to the location of our head office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we have an unique position (The Netherlands is the only country in the world that offers this opportunity) to defer V.A.T. within the European Union, called fiscal representation. US customers use our V.A.T.-number as if they have their own European identity. This service has 2 major advantages, no pre-financing the V.A.T. and not the hassle with the administration and reclaiming the V.A.T.

Both parties benefit in a cash flow manner and avoid a lot of administration. Experience has learnt us that US companies can use this to compete better on the European market.

How was the business started?

Neele-Vat Logistics exists since January first of this year. The company was founded after the merger of VAT Logistics (since 1975) and Neele Logistics (since 1966), both family owned companies. Since the merger we have 580 employees and a turnover of € 225 million. Both founders are still active within Neele-Vat Logistics.

How many employees does the business have?

In Europe we have 580 employees in 17 offices and 9 warehouses ( 1.7 million square ft). Our sales force consists of 11 people of which 3 of them travel between Europe and the US on a regular basis.

How did you end up in Atlanta?

We didn’t really end up in Atlanta, we don’t have our own office in the US. But due to the many contacts we have in this area, we are often in Georgia.

What is your number one business goal over the next year?

Next to a growth of 15%, another important goal is the further integration of staff and departments an ongoing process since the merger. My personal goals are every year the same; keeping our customers satisfied, expand our current customers and gaining new business.

What is the best advice you have received regarding doing business with Americans/Dutch?

Like everywhere, honesty is the best policy, always honor what you have promised/sold. And always be prepared to give very extensive information about conditions and liability. US companies want to have a lot more in writing on these items, compared to Dutch companies.

Any other personal information you would like to share, e.g. hobbies, special interests, family etc…

For more than 20 years I was a very fanatic soccer player, nowadays I am more of a sports watcher. Next to that, my wife and I love to explore (big) cities all over Europe and see a such as possible of the world.


Danny Bongers| Sales Manager

Neele-Vat Logistics

M: +31 657 59 35 67

E: | LinkedIn


Office Locations: Head office: Rotterdam, Other offices: please visit our website

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