NOVEMBER Member’s Spotlight – Absolem Inc.

What is your business industry category or specialty?  

Absolem Inc. is a high-tech engineering company founded in Belgium in 2010. Since 2012, we also support European companies to expand their business in the US or to help them with their local production challenges: from strategy until implementation.  We offer C-level consultancy on general management, operations & manufacturing, supply chain and engineering.  In Belgium we provide services in project sourcing, consultancy and in-house projects for: 

  • process development, 
  • laser technology, 
  • sample production, 
  • mechanical design (also design for additive manufacturing, VR/AR, …), 
  • production equipment, 
  • machinery, 
  • industrial digitalization – data science, 
  • project management,

In our engineering center, located on the Open Manufacturing Campus in Turnhout, we have our own Laser Lab with more than 20 different lasers, unique in Europe!We have a vast experience in:

  • welding copper, aluminium, coated materials,
  • challenging (exotic) material combinations,
  • gas tight feedthrough constructions,
  • glove box processing,
  • high vacuum applications,
  • processing of glass, refractory metals, silicon,
  •  laser drilling of holes with certified flowrate,
  •  … 

All of this in addition to traditional laser welding, marking, laser hardening activities.

How do you describe your job to people outside the industry?

As co-founder and CEO of Absolem I would describe myself as an entrepreneur with a positive and curious attitude. I believe in the opportunity for European (manufacturing) companies in the US. Due to COVID-19, we are more than ever confronted with challenges (people management, supply chain, manufacturing, business organization, ….) and engineering and technology are a great tool to create impactful solutions. 
My colleague and lead consultant at Absolem Inc., Michel Segers, is a positive goal driven self-starter with technical experience from Senior Plant Management, Management of Product Development and Senior Project Management roles within international business. 

Who are your main competitors and what differentiates you from the competition? What makes you unique? 

We do not have a competitor, we are unique as we have the experience and expertise of the American and European business culture in production environment. Absolem inc. has the experience and expertise to start and build up a (production) plant starting from a greenfield or an existing building up to full production.

How was the business started? 

In December 2011, 4 days before Christmas, our client Atlas Copco, contacted Michel Segers and I to manage a strategic project management assignment in the US. On January 30rd 2012 Absolem Inc was incorporated and Michel could start mid-February on his project in Wisconsin and in Texas. This was a positive experience for Michel and Absolem which led to the decision to start supporting European companies that are looking to start a (manufacturing) plant in the US. Since 2012, Michel has been a lead Absolem Inc. consultant for Van Hool (Tennessee), Kuka Systems (South Carolina), Reynaers Inc. (Arizona) and Atlas Copco Compressors LLC (Texas-Wisconsin). 

How many employees does the business have?

 Michel is our US representative and has been moving around the country depending on the project. In Belgium, a team of colleagues support him and our clients (business developing, HR, Finance, …). 

How did you end up in Atlanta? 

Michel is currently located in Tennessee. We have not had the opportunity to work in Atlanta as of yet, but we are hopeful to do so in the near future! 

What is your number one business goal over the next year?

Michel’s current assignment at Van Hool, where he is setting up a new production plant as Director Operations, will be put on hold in December due to COVID-19. We are currently reaching out to potential customers that might be interested in Michel’s expertise and Absolem Inc.  

What is the best advice you have received regarding doing business with Americans/Dutch? 

Be aware of the differences between the American and European business culture and approach. 

Any other personal information you would like to share, e.g. hobbies, special interests, family etc… 

I’m grateful to be a father of two wonderful children. Besides taking care of my family and our company, my hobbies are running and working out. In my free time, I enjoy meeting (new) people and l also enjoy a nice dinner with a good glass of wine. My motto:” Go for your own dream, but it’s up to you to shape it.”
Michel loves traveling, hiking and biking and his life’s motto is : ” Be positive, there’s always a solution”. 

Contact Details:
Michel Segers I Lead ConsultantAbsolem Inc.
Cell: +1-480-437-4872  
Cell BE: +32-477-93-46-68   
Michel’s LinkedIn  

Contact Details:
Bruno Dejaeghere I Founder & CEO
Cell BE: +32-496-73-83-36
Bruno’s LinkedIn 
Ank de Wilde  I Founder & CEO
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