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To celebrate Dutch entrepreneurship in the southeast United States, the Halve Maen Award will be granted by the Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Netherlands Consulate- General during the Dutch-American Heritage day celebration. The Award is given to an individual and/or company who has worked hard to strengthen the Dutch-American relationship in the Southeastern United States and shown through its leadership, composition of the team, and working methods, those qualities that define successful Dutch entrepreneurship. Consequently, three awards will reflect these values: 1/ Leadership, 2/Company, and 3/Inclusion.

1. Leadership

This award is open to any man or women who feels his/her story on Dutch-American trade relations will inspire and encourage others who may be following in his/her footsteps.
You should be able to clearly show how you have overcome various obstacles on your journey to success, demonstrating your determination and also commitment. For this award, we are looking for an amazing and inspirational story behind a successful business leader in Dutch American trade. For this category, you can also nominate your boss if you think he/she is an inspiring person to work for.

2. Best Company

This award will go to the company in the Dutch – American business context, which can confidently display outstanding achievement and success in the southeast of the USA. We are looking for great results in all aspects of the business – from profitability, to creating jobs, and from strong and consistent growth, to innovation and implementation.

3. Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Award is for individuals and / or companies, who have innovated, impressed and made a real difference in creating equitable, inclusive and diverse environments. The award acknowledges the outstanding achievements of Dutch businesses, organisations and individuals, who have demonstrated their commitment and leadership to encourage, welcome, and support people from all walks of life and abilities in their workplace, business and community.

The Halve Maen Awards are open to private and public sector organisations of all sizes. Winning this prestigious Award underlines the importance of Dutch-American relations and sends a positive message to grow even more and attract new businesses to this region.


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Annemarie MacFarland